Grade 1 – 12 Registration

School registration is only necessary if your family has students who are new to the division. Students already attending an RVS school are automatically registered at their designated school.

Students who do not attend Kindergarten in 2022/23 and are aged six years or older on Sept. 1, 2023, must start Grade 1 in 2023/24 as required by Alberta Education. 

(Students admitted to Grade One must be six years old by September 1, or five years old and have completed Kindergarten in the previous year.)

If you need to register, you will need some Registration Documents on hand.


All registration must be completed online. Paper application forms are no longer available. For assistance with digital registration, please visit your designated school.

New RVS Families: To register a child in Grades 1-12 who has never attended RVS, please create a new SchoolEngage account.

Current RVS Families: To register a new student in your family, login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and access SchoolEngage on the left-hand menu.

RVS Online Schools: Information specific to online school registration (RVS Online Elementary/Middle and RVS Online High School) can be found on RVS Online Schools.  

Programs of Choice

For further information on registering for programs of choice such as Christian programs, French immersion, and home education please see Programs of Choice.

After Registration

Expect to receive an email from the school a few days after your child has been registered notifying you if they have been approved.

If you have registered during the summer months when schools are closed, your registration will be reviewed when schools open during the last week of August. At that time, you will receive your notification email.

Transferring Schools

If your family has students currently attending RVS, but you have moved and your children need to transfer to their new designated school, please email both schools to request a transfer. You will need to provide your new address, as well as proof of residence and the start date.

Out-of-Area Enrolment

RVS parents who would like to enrol their child at a school other than their designated school must complete Administrative Form 305-A – Out of Attendance Area Application and submit it to their designated school.

After the form is signed by administration at your designated school, please bring the form and a letter outlining why you are requesting the change to your school of choice. That school’s administration will work with you to determine if the transition is possible.

Parents living outside RVS boundaries who would like to enrol their child in an RVS school must also complete Administrative Form 305-A – Out of Attendance Area Application and submit it to the school of choice to be considered for out-of-area enrolment.

Unenrol a Student

To withdraw/unenrol a student from a school, please contact the school directly.

Transportation Request

After completing your school registration, you may complete the Bus Registration form located in SchoolEngage just below the registration form. Visit Busing & Transportation for more information.

Need Help?

For assistance with registering online, please call 403-945-4115.

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