Plans & Results

Strategic Plan  

The 2022 – 2026 RVS Strategic Plan sets the priorities, goals and outcomes for the division to provide students with an education and school experience that supports them in achieving their absolute best.  

The Strategic Plan was shaped by input received from students, parents/guardians, staff and the community in a two-part engagement resulting in 29,350 comments. It is the foundation for the RVS Four-Year Plan which outlines RVS’ priorities, key strategies, goals, outcomes and measures designed to achieve learning results. We communicate our progress through the division’s Annual Education Results Report (AERR). Together, our Strategic Plan, Four-Year Education Plan and AERR keep the division focused, prioritize spending and efforts, and provide opportunities for us to share key measures to track our progress. 

Four-Year Education Plan

The 2023 – 2027 Education Plan serves to guide the division’s priorities and strategies to achieve strong learning results and ensure a positive learning environment for all students.

Previous plans:

Capital Plans

As outlined by Alberta Education, each spring RVS submits a three-year capital plan, which outlines RVS' needs for new schools, modernizations, additions and portables. Alberta Education reviews all school board plans and submits its recommendations for cross-ministry review. School projects approved through this process are announced by the Alberta government.

Annual Education Results Report

The Annual Education Results Report (AERR) includes our performance measures related to RVS’ Four-Year Plan and highlights accomplishments and initiatives from the previous year. We are pleased to share the AERR here.