Powerschool for Parents - Overview

PowerSchool Parent Portal Start Page

When you log in to PowerSchool Parent Portal, the start page appears. This page serves as the central point from which you begin your PowerSchool Parent Portal session. The PowerSchool Parent Portal start page consists of the following main areas:

  • Main menu
  • Navigation Bar

Navigation bar

The navigation bar appears at the top of the PowerSchool Parent Portal start page, and is common to every page in the application. The navigation bar includes the following information:

Field Description
[PowerSchool Logo]

Click to return to the start page.

[Main Menu] Contains links to PowerSchool Parent Portal functions. For more information, see Main Menu.
[Student Tabs]

The first names of the students associated to your parent/guardian account appear in alphabetical order. Click the name of the student for whom you want to view information. The page refreshes and display information for the selected student. For more information, see Account Preferences.

If you click the name of a student and the message “Student information is not available at this time.” appears, contact your school’s PowerSchool administrator.

[Your Name] he first and last name of the person logged in. Your name should appear. If it does not, contact your school’s PowerSchool administrator.
In an effort to ensure that your account is secure and your information protected, the date and time of the last time you logged in appears next to your name. If you hover over the date and time, you can view how your last session ended — by logging out, timing out, or logging off due to multiple concurrent logins. You will not see how your last session ended if it ended for any other reason, such as a server reset. This information can be used to alert you to any unusual account activity. If you experience any unusual account activity, report it to your school.
[Download Icon] Click to download an export file containing student data similar to the printable view data. This data file is intended to help facilitate upload into other products, including Pearson's Alleyoop. Alleyoop is a social guidance network for college-bound teens. Alleyoop helps teens and their parents explore future college and career goals, set short-term grade goals, and get the coaching they need to get ready for success in college and beyond. For more information, see the Alleyoop Web site.
Note: The icon only appears when the Grades and Attendance tab is selected.
[Printer Icon] Click to print a printer-friendly version of the page you are viewing. Additionally, the page includes the name of the selected student and the school and school district for that student.
[Help Icon] Click to view page-specific online help.
Logout Click to log out of PowerSchool Parent Portal. For more information, see Quit PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Main Menu

The main menu consists of several icons within the navigation bar and includes links to the following functions:

Field Description
Grades and Attendance Click to view student grades and attendance for the current term. For more information, see Grades and Attendance.
Grades History Click to view student grades for the previous term. For more information, see Grades History.
Attendance History Click to view attendance history for the current term. For more information, see Attendance History.
Email Notification Click to set the e-mail notifications you can receive on a regular basis. For more information, see Email Notifications.
Teacher Comments
Click to view any teacher comments. For more information, see Teacher Comments.
School Bulletin Click to view the current school bulletin. For more information, see School Bulletins.
Note: This icon only appears if School Bulletin is enabled.
Class Registration Click to register for classes and view course requests. For more information, see Class Registration.
Balance Click to view the current lunch balance and fee transactions. For more information, see Balances. Note: This icon only appears if Lunch Balance is enabled.
My Calendars Click to subscribe to specific homework and event calendars. For more information, see My Calendars.
Account Preferences Click to manage your PowerSchool Parent Portal account preferences. For more information, see Account Preferences.
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