School Councils

2021/2022 Joint Board/School Council Meetings

  • Nov. 25, 2021, from 6:30 - 8 p.m. (via Zoom) 
  • March 10, 2022, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. (Zoom, registration information coming soon)

School Council Resources

School Council Bylaws Workshop: Oct. 6, 2021 – Learn about how to make the bylaws work for your unique Council. Topics covered in the workshop include: the purpose of bylaws; amending bylaws; pitfalls to avoid; and good ideas and tips to enhance or rewrite your bylaws.

Slides from the Nov. 25, 2021 Join Board/School Council Meeting - Presentation included updates from Board Chair Gilbert, Superintendent Luterbach and information about the new Alberta School Council Engagement Grant.

Slides from the March 25, 2021 Joint Board/School Council Meeting - Presentation included Board Budget Priorities for the 2021/22 school year and divisional updates.

Slides from the Nov. 12, 2020 Joint Board/School Council Meeting - Learn about Board and ASCA Advocacy and updates on Board and School Operations.

Slides from the Nov. 12, 2020 Joint Board/School Council Meeting - Student Mental Health and Wellness: Supporting your Child and Teen During Stressful Times Presentation.

Slides from the Oct. 15, 2020 Board of Trustees orientation for school councils - Learn about key roles for councils, resources available through the Alberta School Councils Association (ASCA), some school council best practices including running meetings, and more.

AF110 - School Council ASCA Support - The Board of Trustees of Rocky View Schools values the Alberta School Council Association (ASCA) as an organization that provides benefit to our school councils through education, professional development, and networking with school councils across the province. In an effort to encourage school councils to attend the ASCA Conference & General Meeting held annually each spring, the Board has allocated $8,000 to support school council members in attending the event.

ASCA School Council Resource Guide - Alberta School Council Association is pleased to present its new 20 page guide, designed as a digital document containing (over 40) electronic links to relevant resources. It encompasses all elements relating to school council as indicated in the original manual, and serves as a compact, concise handbook when printed in (economical greyscale) hardcopy as well.

RVS School Council Resource Guide - Demonstrative of RVS' respect for School Councils, each year it produces a resource manual that lists the jurisdiction's school council policy, service directory, annual meeting schedule and more.

RVS School Council Best Practice Guide - Developed with input from several RVS School Councils, this resource guide highlights some of the practices and activities utilized to engage and support parents in ensuring student success.

School Council, Societies and Parent Groups Insurance Program - Increasingly, parents are taking on more active roles in the schools their children attend, particularly with respect to fundraising. The activities of parent groups, councils or societies may or may not be covered under their respective school boards’ liability insurance policies. In cases where activities are run independently, without direct oversight of a school employee or trustee, these parent groups may require their own liability insurance protection. Access Marsh's Group Insurance Application form here.

Alberta Education School Councils Information - School councils play an important role in ensuring the success of all students and communicating student success to parents and community members. Click here to access Alberta Education's School Council Handbook and Manual, and to keep abreast of the Minister's Forum for School Councils.

Alberta School Council Association - Alberta School Councils' Association is a provincial association of parents and community supporters who are committed to enhancing student success through meaningful involvement in children's education and schooling.


School Council Annual Work Plan - Template

School Council Annual Report - Template

School Council Sample Agenda - Template

School Council Sample Summary/Minutes - Template

School Council Financial Statements - Template

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