Insurance (Student, Visitor, Staff)

RVS' Insurance

Insurance is a requirement for many aspects of business. Rocky View Schools maintains insurance as outlined in Administrative Procedure AP5021. Below is information on insurance that is available for accidents and/or travel for students and staff.

Accident Insurance

Injury sustained by a Student, Visitor, Volunteer, or Staff Member (not covered by WCB) during the course of a school day while under the supervision of RVS is covered by this insurance policy. It is provided at no cost; however these benefits are supplemental to personal family benefits. Please submit claims to Industrial Alliance within 30 days from the accident date. The plan summary below is effective September 1, 2019.

Additional Accident Insurance for Students

Study Insured provides student accident insurance solutions for thousands of Canadian families each year. This insurance helps families stay financially protected against unexpected expenses arising from their childrens’ accidents.

There are three packages to choose from and they can be purchased at anytime during the school year. See the website or promotional flyer for the rates and additional information.


Travel Insurance - Car Rental Insurance RVS does not offer independent insurance for vehicles rented during RVS sponsored travel. However, vehicles rented using an RVS Purchasing Card are eligible for the coverage offered through BMO. See the certificate and details before renting a vehicle. Contact the RVS PCard representative if you have any additional questions.
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