Parent and Student News

Decked Out in Pink to Raise Awareness
Pink Shirt Day was visible throughout the jurisdiction! All Rocky View Schools participated in the annual worldwide movement, which raises awareness around bullying prevention.
It's Pink Shirt Day!
Held each year on the last Wednesday in February, Pink Shirt Day helps to raise awareness around bullying prevention. Today, join Rocky View Schools by wearing pink and saying no to bullying!
Cochrane to Host Second Student Accommodation Meeting
Tonight, Cochrane-area parents are invited to attend a student accommodation meeting, Feb. 25, 2020, at 7 p.m. at Mitford School. Accommodation options under consideration for students in K to Gr. 8 will be discussed.
Creating Confidence in Middle School Students
Being a teenager isn't easy - and building confidence in middle school students is no easy feat either. Watch Rocky View Schools' latest RockyTalks video, which features Gr. 8 student Madi talking about Grade 8 Leaders.
Advanced Placement Challenges Students in Gr. 10 -12
Understanding that learners have unique needs, Rocky View Schools aims to meet each student where they're at. For highly motivated and keen students, the Advanced Placement program provides an enriched and exciting curriculum.
Staying Connected Through PowerSchool
Parent involvement impacts student learning and success. The jurisdiction aims to provide parents with resources and opportunities to stay connected to their child's learning and progress.
School Emergency Program
Rocky View Schools' first priority is the safety of its students and staff. To ensure an effective response to any school crisis, the jurisdiction has developed an Emergency Response Plan.
2020/21 Education Minister's Youth Council Invites Applications
Each year, the Alberta Government invites students aged 14 - 19 to apply to participate in the Education Minister's Youth Council, which accepts approximately 40 students total from across the province.
Promoting Literacy Through Chapbooks
In Rocky View Schools, teachers infuse fun learning activities in the classroom to engage their students while still meeting learning objectives. The Board applauded Cochrane Christian Academy's efforts in developing a love of writing in its students, Feb. 6, 2020.
Providing Opportunities for Students to Explore Their Passions
In addition to offering core subjects, Gr. 5 - 9 students in Rocky View Schools have the opportunity to select courses within the Career and Technology Foundations curriculum.
Supporting Your Child's Journey in Math
Rocky View Schools understands that parents/guardians want to help and support their child in school. It's common to especially want to guide your child in math. But what if you're not strong in math? Can you still help your child?
The Invite - February Edition
Want to learn more about what schools across the jurisdiction have planned for the month of February? Parents are encouraged to check out this month's issue of The Invite!
Technology in the Classroom to Enhance Thinking and Learning
Rocky View Schools supports the responsible use of technology in the classroom to help students learn and build their understanding of digital citizenship.
Reminder to Parents About School Bus Safety
In Rocky View Schools, approximately 12,500 students are transported daily on school buses. Parents play an integral role in ensuring their child's safety on the bus.
Supporting Children's Mental Health: Tips for Parents
When young children begin their education in Rocky View Schools, teachers, in partnership with parents, work to support their social/emotional well-being. Today is Bell Let's Talk Day - so let's talk!
Bell Let's Talk Day
Tomorrow is Bell Let's Talk Day. In Rocky View Schools, students' mental and emotional wellness are key priorities. On Jan. 29, 2020, the jurisdiction encourages everyone to show their support by talking about mental health and removing the stigma, which is often attached to mental health issues.
Celebrating Family Literacy Day
Today is Family Literacy Day. Celebrated each year on the same date, Family Literacy Day encourages parents, grandparents and other family members to focus on reading and writing with the entire family.
Board of Trustees Thanks Outgoing School Resource Officer
Rocky View Schools has had the privilege of working with Airdrie School Resource Officer Cst. Morley Statchuk over the last several years. Today, the Board of Trustees recognized Cst. Statchuk and his work with the jurisdiction and wished him well on his next assignment.
Rocky View Schools' Learning Stories
Students participate in a variety of learning activities, both in and out of the classroom. The jurisdiction aims to capture this learning on video, to make learning visible to parents and the community.
Building Healthy Habits to Ensure Student Success
As parents continue to register their children in Rocky View Schools for the 2020/21 school year, the jurisdiction would like to remind parents and students about the importance of building healthy habits, which have a direct impact on student success.
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