What's different about learning at Rocky View Schools?

If you’ve ever asked, ‘why on earth do I need to know this?’ chances are that even if you learned it, the knowledge didn’t stay with you long.

All of us learn best when we’re motivated to master something that matters to us. So while all students follow a carefully designed provincial curriculum that charts what they learn, at Rocky View Schools learning design ensures students have a personal investment in why they are learning something.

RVS does this by supporting each student’s natural born innovator in three essential ways:

Teachers and students design learning together.

Students are encouraged to become actively involved in designing learning experiences aligned with their interests, abilities and passions. In other words, students have voice and choice, which grow as the student matures towards more independent decision-making.

As learners grow in confidence, they can articulate what they learned in school today, what they plan to learn tomorrow, and why it matters.

Learning is grounded in the real world.

Students at RVS never have to ask, ‘why do I have to learn this?’ because learning is designed to be meaningful and useful to them today, not someday.

Students learn to ask big questions and grapple with real issues at early ages, getting their hands dirty, moving beyond the textbook and the classroom and making as much as absorbing knowledge.

By middle and high school, learning choices could include work on active engineering, building and farm sites, or half-day specializations in areas as diverse as mechatronics and music.

In these settings, learners model the hands-on-learning expected of apprentice professionals and develop deep understanding of concepts and why fundamental literacy, numeracy and scientific concepts are essential to success.

Learning is shared.

Because students focus on what matters to them, they want to share their learning. Students chart evidence of their growth as learners in portfolios and are challenged to design engaging ways to share learning through exhibitions.

This keeps students engaged in ongoing assessment of their progress and provides opportunities for rich discussion between students, teachers and parents. Students still have tests, but their portfolios tell the deeper learning story.

RVS students build on these portfolios throughout their school careers and by high school graduation can use them as the evidence needed to support their next step toward a career or post-secondary education.

Every RVS student was born knowing how to learn and how to succeed. At RVS, learning is designed to strengthen each student’s innate ability, to maintain their genuine love of learning, and to support them in reaching their fullest potential.

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