Provides quality customer service to the jurisdiction, while practicing responsible stewardship of divisional resources.

Our Branch's Goals

  1. Complete and submit reporting as required by Alberta Education.
  2. Ensure accurate recording of all financial transactions.
  3. Pay supplier invoices accurately and timely.
  4. Provide positive customer service for all inquiries.
  5. Provide schools and departments with the current state of their budgets.
  6. Support schools with accurate recording of school generated funds.
  7. Support schools in the collection of school fees.

Our Services

  • complete Monthly and Quarterly Reporting required by Alberta Education
  • payment of invoices and processing of BMO purchasing cards
  • assist schools with SchoolCash and SRB accounting system
  • record all revenues and expenses
  • process delinquent school fees
  • process fee waivers

  • prepare Annual Financial Statement for external audit and for the Board of Trustees
  • prepare Annual Budget for Board of Trustees and Alberta Education
  • assist schools with annual school budget
  • Coordinate annual school reviews
  • process accounts receivable invoices


Contact Info:

*Please flag emergency requests with the "high priority" flag. E-mails sent to these accounts will be responded to within 48 business hours.

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