Offers a complete range of high-quality communication products and services to support and advance the goals of the jurisdiction.

Our Branch's Goals

  1. Connect stakeholders to RVS learning environments by disseminating continuous and comprehensive information specific to the jurisdiction’s goals, outcomes and priority areas.
  2. Achieve positive brand equity by employing communication tactics that are responsive, transparent, and aligned to the jurisdiction’s strategic directions.
  3. Navigate the design thinking process to ensure staff connect to RVS’ strategic priorities through collaboration and ongoing dialogue.

Our Services

  • accountability
  • issues management
  • organizational development
  • media & government relations
  • employee & community engagement
  • crisis communication & emergency response

  • branding & visual development
  • social media & publications
  • editorial services - feature/news/speech/position papers/columns
  • graphic design/desktop publishing
  • website development & maintenance


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