Facility Planning

Provides planning services to support and accommodate student growth and change in the jurisdiction.

Our Department's Goal

Coordinate the capital needs of Rocky View Schools with the Government of Alberta (GOA) regulations and processes, and municipal processes.

Our Services

  • undertake 3-year Capital Planning and modular planning for annual submission to the GOA
  • coordinate facility, enrolment, and utilization records with GOA
  • develop new school plans that represent and facilitate current 3YP education goals
  • coordinate new school planning and construction with the GOA
  • work with schools and Education Centre departments on issues relating to school functionality, capacity, and utilization
  • monitor population growth within RVS and provide enrolment projections to RVS
  • work with RVS municipalities on common issues relating to facilities
  • review municipal subdivision applications to ensure the needs of RVS are met (e.g., school sites, transportation logistics)


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