Learning Supports

Offers a diverse range of services throughout the Division, ensuring school and staff have the support and skills they need to meet the needs of learners.

Our Branch's Goals

The goal of Learning Supports is to support success in learning through "improving learning for each learner". This occurs through capacity-building with school-based staff, and supporting the diverse needs of learners through consultation and informal and/or formal assessment. Areas addressed include social/emotional needs, behaviour support, academic support/strategies, and cognitive abilities as they relate to the student's school success.  This is attained through:

  • Supporting school and learner needs to feel safe, valued and part of the learning community
  • Building understanding of the diversity amongst learners and valuing this diversity as an opportunity to strengthen the inclusive Rocky View Schools' (RVS) learning community
  • Designing learning environments that are universally accessible, where all students have equal opportunity to be successful
  • Ensuring RVS resources and programming options are designed with universal access in mind and address the continuum of supports and services
  • Engaging parents and community partners to assume the integral and purposeful roles needed in the design of universally accessible learning in RVS

Our Services

The Learning Supports Branch is primarily responsible for assessing and fostering the implementation of educational programming supports for a diverse student population. It provides a myriad of support services in Rocky View Schools, including:

  • Psychologists
  • Learning Specialists
  • Behaviour Specialists
  • Family School Liaisons
  • Stepping Stones to Mental Health
  • Early Intervention
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapy
  • Early Literacy
  • Indigenous Learning/First Nation Métis Inuit (FNMI)
  • Success in Schools
  • Audiology/DHH
  • Vision


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