Records Management & FOIP and Privacy

Supports all sites across the jurisdiction in managing their records and preserves the institutional memory. Responsible for FOIP and privacy procedures, breaches and reporting.

Our Department's Goals

  1. Support schools in the management of records, FOIP issues, and correct disposal methods of Division and personal information.
  2. Keep current with events and laws affecting school divisions.
  3. Keep current with events and laws affecting Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP).
  4. Keep current with Records Management issues through Association of Record Managers & Administrators (ARMA).
  5. Report any FOIP Breaches to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPIC).
  6. Review and implement recommendations from OPIC.

Our Services

  • Resource services on Records Management, Records Retention Schedules, Records Disposal, and FOIP
  • Digital Records Administrator (Corporate Records)


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