All About Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon has been RVS' official mascot since 2008. Best known for his high fives, rockin' dance moves, and ability to put a smile on the faces of everyone he meets, Rocky's contagious school spirit helps teach students that "School is Cool"!

The Raccoon Behind the Mask

A Few of Rocky's Favourites

Career Highlights

  • Participating in a half-time show at a CFL Calgary Stampeders game alongside Harvey the Hound & Ralph the Dog, just to name a few
  • Competing in an on-ice dance-off against Cochrane High's mascot, The Cobra
  • Meeting Lanny McDonald and the Calgary Flames Alumni Hockey team with Springbank Community High
  • Riding a unicycle in the City of Airdrie parade
  • Presenting RVS' former Superintendent of Schools Greg Bass with a stuffed bass at his farewell event
  • Cheering on student athletes at Sports Days
  • Playing a part in Rainbow Creek Elementary's "Putting Things First" 7 Habits Play
  • Posing for pictures with the 2010 Olympic Torch bearers
  • Publishing a School is Cool colouring book for Kindergarten students
  • Making so many great friends!


Rocky is a graduate of the prestigious Dave Raymond Mascot Bootcamp, which is run by former Philadelphia Phillies mascot Phillie Phanatic. Phanatic was named the best mascot in sports in 2008 by Forbes magazine. In 2011, Rocky travelled to Delaware, where he completed an intensive training camp alongside aspiring and professional mascots from the NBA, MLB, and NFL!

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