Supports the ongoing development of leadership capacity among school administrators and serves as a key support for parents who contact the Education Centre.

Our Department's Goals

  • Provide timely responses to the questions or concerns brought forth by parents or administrators.
  • Support schools with the development of their School Education Plans as they build Universal Learning Environments where students develop 21st Century competencies through inquiry-based learning.
  • Assist schools with the interpretation of results and data to informed decision-making processes.
  • Serve as mentors in building the leadership capacity of the Division.
  • Provide support for Rocky View Sports Association’s extra-curricular programs and events.


Our Services

  • Resolution of public concerns
  • Out-of-Attendance Area applications
  • School Education Plan (SEP) reviews
  • School Annual Results Report (SARR) reviews
  • Administrator Quality Practice Standards (AQSP)
  • Value-Added School Reviews (VASR)
  • Research and data analytics
  • Administrative support and mentoring, including the Administrative Leadership Programs (ALP)

  • Field trip approvals
  • School year calendars
  • Suspension letters/reports
  • Attendance/truancy concerns
  • Rocky View Sports Association (RVSA)
  • Student expulsion process
  • Student Orientation to Schools Questionnaire (SOS-Q)
  • Liaise between RVS Education Centre departments and school-based administrators


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