Technology for Learning

Engages learners, both students and staff, to acquire the competencies to prepare them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to the changing global community.

Our Branch's Goals

The goal of the Technology for Learning branch is to offer stimulating, flexible programming that makes learning relevant and exciting for today’s learner.

  1. Ubiquitous access to Education Technologies (both RVS and student supplied)
  2. Offer stimulating, flexible programming that makes learning relevant and exciting
  3. Learners employing technologies that accelerate their learning
  4. Learning innovation prevalent in Rocky View Schools
  5. Greatly reduced reliance on paper based instruction
  6. Lower energy footprint for Learning
  7. Reliable high speed ubiquitous network
  8. Service level agreements established for core applications
  9. Improve reliability of critical corporate technologies
  10. Technological choices are cost effective and scalable
  11. Employ Industry proven technologies (remain informed)
  12. Provide a secure/reliable/rapid deployment Server Environment
  13. RVS Education Centre Data/Server applications easily restorable after a major disaster
  14. Development of responsible and safe practices as 21st Century learners


Our Services

The Technology for Learning team supports professional learning and operational technologies and infrastructure.

  • Desktops, laptops, tablets, netbooks, smartphones, printers, and multi-function copiers.
  • Staff/Students/Parents are using RVS core software Outlook, MSO365, Plone, PowerSchool,  Moodle, Atrieve, Google Apps, myBlueprint, Zoom, Video Streaming, Podcast server, WordPress, Blogs, and an array of Internet resources to work and learn.

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