2019 Budget Impacts

The Alberta Government's reallocation of class size grants and school fee/transportation replacement grant to fund enrolment growth results in a $10 million revenue shortfall for the 2019/20 school year.

Mid-Year Reductions Anticipated

Following an initial review of provincial grant rates released with the Alberta government’s 2019 budget, Rocky View Schools (RVS) has determined it will need to find $10 million to balance its books for the 2019/20 school year.

“Our board is disheartened with the Alberta government’s 2019 budget,” said Board Chair Fiona Gilbert. “We anticipated a provincial budget that included additional monies for enrolment growth, as assured by government on many occasions. While we received funding for new students from one hand, the other hand is taking even more money away from RVS."

“Having already cut $2.7 million in classroom improvement funding from the budget last spring, our board will now need to find a significant amount of money, mid-year, to address grant changes made by government,” she said.

Larry Paul, associate superintendent of business and operations, outlined an unanticipated outcome of the budget being felt by most boards in the province is the reallocation of Alberta’s class size grants and school fee/transportation replacement grants to fund growth. In RVS, these grants amounted to $15 million, which the government will offset by a one-time transition grant of $5 million.

“As asked by the Minister of Education, we will complete a thorough review of our budget and operations to find efficiencies not already uncovered; however, given that almost 76 per cent of our $275 million budget is allocated to salaries and benefits, service levels will decrease and class sizes will be impacted,” Paul explained.

Over the next few weeks, Paul said, administration will examine all expenses and potential revenue sources in preparation of RVS’ fall budget proposal to the board.

“We ask all members of our learning community for their patience as we begin to work through this difficult process of adjusting our budget two months into the school year,” Paul said.

2019 Budget Impacts

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