Promoting Healthy Use of Technology and Managing Screen Time

In Rocky View Schools technology is used daily to help support students' learning. When used appropriately, technology can be a very powerful and useful learning resource.

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

As younger students begin to explore and use the various social media platforms available, such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and more, parents may wonder how they can help their child manage a healthy amount of screen time, while promoting accountability and responsibility in a digital world. Consistent with Rocky View Schools use of technology to support student learning in its classrooms, parents are encouraged to build awareness around the impact of excessive screen time. Screen time, defined as “time spent with any screen, including smart phones, tablets, television, video games, computers or wearable technology,” can affect students’ relationships, learning, attention, sleep and overall wellness. Several studies also have shown that increased screen time can affect a child’s behaviour and their ability to focus, in and out of the classroom.

For further details, please refer to the Calgary Police Service website, which features a position statement from the Canadian Paediatric Society on promoting healthy screen use in school-aged children and adolescents.


Promoting Healthy Use of Technology and Managing Screen Time

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