Shaping Your Child's View of Learning

Looking to get more involved with your child's learning but don't know how or where to begin? There are many ways to support your child's learning journey, and it starts with dialogue!

My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource

In Rocky View Schools, students are given the opportunity to achieve success and fulfillment, regardless of where they're at. To outline the variety of educational choices available to students, Alberta Education has developed My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource. In addition to a helpful FAQ page and the ability to do customized printouts, this resource provides a grade-by-grade overview of the Alberta curriculum for both English and French Immersion programs. By understanding what students are learning, parents can begin the dialogue necessary to help their child succeed.

Parents play a critical role in helping shape the way their child views learning, and it all begins with a positive attitude and conversation. By asking things like, "How was your day?" or "What was the most interesting thing you learned?", parents put emphasis on the value of education and demonstrate an interest in their child's learning.

Shaping Your Child's View of Learning

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