Professional Learning Framework of Standards

RVS recognizes that a framework of standards is necessary to guide the work and act as a touchstone to affirm and celebrate professional practice. The role of standards is to define expectations and outcomes while building capacity, ability and success for all learners -- at all levels.

Setting New Standards

The jurisdiction has initiated a RVS Professional Learning Framework of Standards through the adoption of Learning Forward’s (LF) Standards for Professional Learning as core strands that guide, identify a set of attributes and establish benchmarks around essential exemplary practice. It is critical to understand in terms of philosophy and operationalization that the Framework works in tandem to leverage the District’s 3 Year Plan, the Learning Model and the ISTE-Net standards.

The LF Standards for Professional Learning are:

  • Learning Communities
  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Data
  • Learning Designs
  • Implementation
  • Outcomes

These standards link directly to the RVS Professional Learning Model and principles.  
The standards are the context which bring the principles to life.  The standards act as the tools that empower us as a blueprint to transformation in professional practice.

Learning Forward has identified four prerequisites for effective professional learning that align with RVS’  Professional Learning Model and principles:

  • “Educators commitment to students, all students, is the foundation of effective professional learning
  • Each educator involved in professional learning comes to the experience ready to learn
  • Because there are disparate experience levels and use of practice among educators, professional learning can foster collaborative inquiry and learning that enhances individual and collective performance
  • Like all learners, educators learn in different ways and at different rates”

(Learning Forward, 2011, p.15)

The Standards Framework is composed of three areas of focus:

  • Essential Conditions (Learning Commmunities, Leadership, Resources)
  • Attributes of Educator Learning Processes (Data, Learning Designs, Implementation)
  • Content of Professional Learning (Outcomes)

The remainder of the RVS Framework of Professional Learning Standards consist of a matrix of standards and provides a contextual alignment within the jurisdiction.

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