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    Rocky View Schools offers a full range of core studies tailored to meet the needs of our students. We focus on building upon children's strengths in an inclusive, inquiry-based, language and literacy-rich environment.

    A Place Where Learning is Relevant and Hands-On!

    In RVS, learning is hands on. It is connected to the real world. It ensures students...

    • Explore difficult, real-life questions and receive, interact with, and create knowledge.
    • Learn about themselves as learners.
    • Have choice and more input into designing their own learning experience.
    • Can access a rich blend of collaborative learning tools from face-to-face to online.
    • Are clear about what is expected of them.
    • Receive prompt and regular feedback.
    • Learn to assess their own learning.
    • Work with the teacher to modify their learning based on assessment.
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