Our Educational Program

Rocky View Schools’ International Student Education Program is dedicated to providing the best quality education program to international students. We believe student programming needs to focus on helping students to think critically and become self-directed learners. Moreover, we believe students need to learn how to understand, connect, interpret and contribute to a global community. Features of our International Education Program include:

Term/School Calendar

International students may attend for a semester, an academic year, or to graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma. The high school year consists of two-five month semesters: Semester 1 - September to January and Semester 2 - February to June. See RVS’ school calendar.

School Selection

RVS operates 49 urban and rural public schools surrounding the City of Calgary. All schools are accredited by Alberta’s Ministry of Education.


Rocky View Schools follows the Programs of Study as outlined by Alberta Education.  This means that students who successfully complete the Grade 12 Program of Study  receive an Alberta High School Diploma, a credential recognized by universities internationally.

English as a Second Language

Entry into the program is not dependent on English proficiency. A student’s English will be assessed before the start of classes, and an individual program will be developed for each student depending on English language skills. ESL (English-as-a-Second Language) classes are provided as required.


Student success is measured through a variety of achievement indicators, including classroom-based assessments and provincial exams. Each year, RVS’ student achievement is reported through Annual Education Results Report.

Extra-curricular Activities

School life in RVS offers many extra-curricular activities, including:
• athletic teams (soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, track and field, etc.)
• clubs (drama, newspaper production, yearbook production, etc.)
• performing arts (jazz band, tour band, dance club, musical theatre)
• social events (dances, school spirit promotions, etc.)

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