Off Campus Education

Off Campus Education

Rocky View offers an extensive “off-campus” education program, which includes registered apprenticeship, work-study, work experience, co-operative education, and job shadowing opportunities to all students from grade 7 to 12.

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is offered to students, age 15 and up, who are interested in splitting their time between school and the industry as paid registered apprentices in one of Alberta’s 50 designated trades.

Rocky View’s Work Experience 15, 25, and 35 is another offering for students 15 years and older, who are interested in gaining hands-on job experience, while earning high school credits.

Other workplace learning opportunities, such as work-study and job shadowing, also are open to junior and senior high school students who want on-the-job experience or who want to explore a particular career area.


Administered by Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Rocky View’s Green Certificate Program is available to students 15 years and up. It is delivered off-campus and consists of the following areas of specialization: cow/calf beef production, dairy production, feedlot beef production, field crop production, irrigated field crop production, sheep production, swine production, and bee keeper production. Students earn high school credits upon completion of the program.

Where is it located?

Neigbourhood Schools

How do you access services?

Talk to your Neigbourhood Schools to learn of its off campus education programs.

Who can I call for more information?

For more information contact our Learning Department at 403.945.4037 or email.


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