2015-2016 Annual Education Results Report

Working to Ensure Students Successful, Engaged, and Supported!

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is pleased to share with the public its 2015–2016 Annual Education Results Report (AERR). Over the course of the school year, RVS continued to challenge students by encouraging them to develop and test their own ideas, seek new perspectives, gather and analyze information, and draw new insights to help them grow to be strong, critical thinkers. We also ensured every student is supported through learning communities that value inclusion, diversity, compassion and fairness.


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Similar to previous reports, RVS' digital AERR provides stakeholders with a wealth of information on the jurisdiction's success. To see our results by goal, click on the goal statement above. As always, we maintain an open door policy and welcome the opportunity to address any questions you may have about the report by calling 403.945.4012.

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