Four Year Plans

Innovators CAN

Rocky View’s 2019-2023 Four Year Plan, Innovators by Design, is based on the hopes and desires of students, parents, staff, business/community leaders, and service providers who provided direct input into the development of a learning narrative and the plan’s new goals, outcomes, design principles and strategies during the Board’s extensive 15-month Four Year Plan Consultation Process, which commenced May 2018.Through a series of design thinking protocols, stakeholders voiced strong support for RVS’ I CAN goal and outcome statements and its strategic direction towards inclusion, instructional design and system redesign. Follow the journey at 2023 By Design. The plan is accessible through the link below.

Four Year Plans

2019-2023 Four Year Education Plan - Year 1

2015-2019 Four Year Education Plan - Year 4

2015-2019 Four Year Education Plan - Year 3

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