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Deadline for Registration/ COVID-19 Fall Concerns

Why can’t we change our mind after May 31? Why is the deadline set so early?

Please note that our new online learning schools are much different than RVS Online Learning offered this year as a COVID response. RVS Online Learning in 2020/21 was a temporary measure that kept students attached to their current schools. In 2021/22 we will open two new online schools that must be staffed and planned for accordingly.

Teachers and resources will be allocated to the schools based on the number of students we have registered as of May 31. Unfortunately, that means we are unable to accommodate new registrations or changes to an in-person school for online school after May 31.

As with any new school, it is important to know how many students we can expect early in the planning stages. Our budgeting and hiring is done before the end of the current school year so we must know student numbers by the end of May. Longer timelines would not leave us with enough time to build the staff and community required of a new school.

Can there be an extension based on any new information at the end of May?

No. In order to staff the new schools appropriately and build the school communities we must know student numbers by May 31.

COVID-19 is still very concerning to our family. How can I commit to online schooling so early, when I don’t yet know how the fall will look for infection rates and protocols?

We realize that the unknowns of COVID-19 is a very real concern and makes this decision difficult. Online school options and entry points were offered at different times in 2020/21 as families adjusted to the realities of COVID-19. These will not be offered next year as we stabilize our programming.

We have had great success with the full-time online learning option this year and look forward to growing this option with our two new online schools. In order to open these schools, we must know how many students wish to choose this option. It is important to have this information by May 31 in order to properly staff the schools and build the school communities.

Will students wear masks for in-person learning in 2021/22?

We will follow the direction of the province and Alberta Education. Currently, masks are mandatory for all staff and teachers and for students in Grades 4 – 12 where physical distancing is not possible in schools and on buses. RVS encourages mask use for students in Kindergarten – Grade 3.


Classrooms, Teachers and Supports

Who will be my child’s teacher?

Classes will have designated online teachers who are a part of your online school staff. You will also be able to communicate with the online teacher as needed, similar to when your child is in their regular classroom.

Who will be in my child’s class?

Your child’s online class will be composed of children from across RVS. Out-of-district registrations will not be accepted for the 2021/22 school year. The number of students in an online class will be similar to in-person classrooms.

What about assessment and feedback?

Learner outcomes as per the Alberta Program of Studies will be taught and assessed. Teachers will provide regular feedback and marks and comments will be posted in RVS’ PowerSchool Parent Portal as they would in face-to-face school.

How will my child with exceptional learning needs be supported?

Each online school will have their own learning support team as well as access to a broad range of jurisdictional supports and services.

Your child’s Student Success Plans (Personal Program Plan, Individualized Program Plan, Behaviour Support Plan) will continue to be collaboratively supported and reviewed with you by your child’s online teacher, online school team and where appropriate, our divisional team.

What electives will be offered in online school?

Elective options are continuing to be explored and will be defined closer to the start of the school year.

Can my child take classes outside of the online school?

Students will only be able to take classes offered by the online school.

How is RVS online school different from the temporary at-home learning required by the Alberta government or provided during close contact isolation?

The new RVS online schools address the Alberta Program of Studies and are attended for the full school year. The at-home learning that has been required at various times by the government or when students needed to self-isolate was a temporary means of educating students and does not address all curriculum areas or have the same level of expectations as RVS online school.

Will you be hiring new staff for these schools?

Staffing will be adjusted accordingly after online enrolment is determined at the end of May. We expect virtual class sizes to be similar to in-person classes.

Will French Immersion be offered in the new online schools in 2021/22?

No. To develop these two online schools successfully, the focus will be on regular programing; French Immersion or Faith-Based will no longer be offered online but will continue to be offered through face-to-face programming at designated schools.



What are the technology requirements for my child?

Your child must have their own dedicated tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with reliable internet access. An RVS technology support person is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday for assistance.


Activities, Sports and Extra Curriculars

Will there be any opportunities for in-person interaction/activities?

Part of building a school community is bringing students, staff, and when possible, families together. The online schools will look for creative ways to connect within a virtual environment. There may be opportunities for face-to-face gatherings as the school develops, however the priority will be to ensure a strong online learning environment before considering in-person interaction/activities.

Will online schools offer clubs, sports and other extra curricular activities?

These opportunities are being explored and will be defined closer to the start to the school year and as the year progresses.



Can my child start in the online school and then go back to their designated school when the pandemic settles down?

No. You are registering your child for the full 2021/22 school year in the online school. Your child will be transferred from their current school and into the online school.



I have questions about my specific situation.

For more information please contact your area director at 403-945-4016.

What are my parental responsibilities?

As the parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure your child is engaged with learning, completing assignments and is available for real-time instruction. The level of parental involvement will depend on your child’s grade level and learning maturity. Lower grades (1 – 4) will require ongoing parental support throughout the day.

My child was in RVS Online Learning in 2020/21. Will they be automatically enrolled in the new online school for 2021/22?

No. They will be enrolled in their regular school. If you wish to enrol them in the new online school, please complete the new enrolment process.

Will students who are in RVS Online Learning this year automatically be placed in their in-person school for next year?

Yes. RVS Online Learning in 2020/21 has kept students attached to their regular school. They will be enrolled in in-person classes for next year unless you choose otherwise during this process.

If my child enrols in online school for 2021/22, can they return to their regular school in 2022/23 for in-person learning?

Yes. Your child can return to their regular, designated school in 2022/23. If your child is currently accepted as an out of area student to attend a school other than their designated school and they leave to attend online school, they will need to re-apply to the out of area school in 2022/23.

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