Beiseker Colony School (1-12)

Located in West Haven Colony (Crossfield Area)

Principal: Barry Anderson

Address:  P.O. Box 368
Beiseker, AB, T0M 2A0
Phone:  403-947-2382
Fax: 403-947-2617

School Profile

Grade Configuration: Gr. 1 - 9

Foundation Statements

Vision:  We are the future, make it the best future possible.

Mission:  To support students to reach their full potential, become ethical citizens, show compassion for those less fortunate and become innovators in their community.

Beliefs/Principles:  Every child has a right to an education that is based on his/her intellectual, social and physical well-being.


Unique features of our school include:

  • We are a one room school house; this means Grades K-9 are all in one room working collaboratively on similar educational outcomes at varying levels of difficulty.
  • Curriculum for social studies and science is taught on a rotating basis, chunked across grade levels; not necessarily by grade.
  • All students are learning a 3rd language. They are not only learning English as a second language but are also being instructed in High German which is different than the dialect they speak.

How do we define success for Beiseker Colony students?

Beiseker Colony School students are instructed to the same standards as every other student in Alberta. They are taught the Alberta Curriculum. Some students may be on IPP’s or PLP’s and have individualized learning goals.

Success for our students is pushing themselves daily to learn something they did not know the day before. Learning should be a lifelong journey.

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