2020/21 PIP FAQs

Is there a cost for PIP?

The PIP program is publicly funded and is offered at no cost to families.

What are typical class sizes?

PIP class sizes typically range from 10-12 children.

How much direct therapy will my child receive?

Therapeutic interventions are infused throughout the daily activities and routines. Depending upon the child’s needs, therapy may be provided one-to-one, in small groups or with the class as a whole. Service delivery may vary throughout the year as children achieve their goals.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend PIP?

No. It is common for children in the program to require changing during their time at school. Classroom assistants are trained for this and have access to change tables for this purpose. Diapers and wipes will be provided by parents/guardians.

Do you provide transportation for children attending PIP?

No, transportation must be parent-provided.

Is there a deadline to apply?

There is not a deadline for application. Applications are accepted until programs are full.

When will I find out if my child has been accepted into the program?

We will make every effort to confirm placement within PIP by June 1, however pending documentation may delay this timeline.

I have been notified that my child is on the waitlist for the program. When will I find out if they have been accepted?

Children who have a mild/moderate disability and English Language Learners who have not been identified with a severe disability will be placed on a waitlist. Applicants on the waitlist will be notified by August 30.

Where can I get a speech assessment for my child?

Speech services can be accessed through a private speech-language pathologist at a fee. Many employee benefit plans provide coverage for this. A listing of private SLPs is available at http://acslpa.ab.ca/

Alberta Health Services can provide community speech-language services, which is covered through Alberta Heath. An initial consultation can be scheduled with an SLP and they will provide a recommendation regarding assessment and treatment. Please contact 403.955.1300 to book an appointment.

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