PowerSchool for Parents

In RVS, we know parental involvement can have a huge impact on a student’s success. To help parents stay connected to their children’s learning progress, all parents can access RVS’ PowerSchool Parent Portal, a web-based, student information system.

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Real-Time Information about Your Child's Learning Journey

The parent portal is designed to provide parents with access to real-time information pertaining to grades, attendance and more, allowing them to be a part of their child’s learning on a day-to-day basis!

PowerSchool At-a-Glance

Supporting more than 10 million students in more than 65 countries, PowerSchool offers a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together. Through the online interface, teachers have easy access to student performance data that helps them to make timely strategic decisions, identify potential issues and take the appropriate actions to ensure students are performing to the best of their abilities.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

To help keep parents attuned to their child’s progress and to facilitate participation, parents have access to PowerSchool’s Parent Portal. The parent portal is designed to help parents and teachers communicate more freely and effectively, increasing student success. Personalized accounts provide parents with access to multiple sets of student data and enable them to find out what classes their children are in, how they did on last week’s project, student attendance, demographic information and more!

Connecting to PowerSchool’s Parent Portal

Secure and easy to use, parents need only an Internet connection and a username and password to access PowerSchool’s Parent Portal. Your registration password is available through each school. Be sure to follow the detailed instructions on how to create and sync a parent account with the corresponding student account(s). As students aren’t the only ones who want access to information any time and any place, PowerSchool also is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Androids through a free app, PowerSchool for Parents.

Parent Portal Features:

Once logged in, parents will have direct access to a wide variety of functions related to student progress. Some examples include:

  • Grades and Attendance – View grades, absences and teacher comments from the current term.
  • E-mail Notification – Choose the type of reports you wish to receive and the frequency (summary
    or detailed reports).
  • Teacher Comments – Review teacher feedback on assignments and overall grades achieved.
  • Print Screen – Print any screen for record-keeping purposes.
  • SchoolEngage – A yearly demographic confirmation and transportation registration system.
  • School Messenger – School messages.
  • Student Schedules – Monitor your child’s attendance and see bell schedules.

Each school has the option to customize its parent portal to include functions that are age appropriate and will best serve the needs of its students. A comprehensive legend helps identify each function, making the portal easy to navigate.

To learn more about RVS’ PowerSchool Parent Portal visit our information page.

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