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AP5112 - Grant Writing
AP5114 - Donations
AP5116 - Donations Fundraising for Facilities
AP5118 - School Carryover and Reserves
AP5119 - School Generated Funds
AP5120 - Advertising in Local Newspapers
AP5201 - Purchasing Limits of Authority and Procurement Requirements
AP5203 - Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Other Wireless Internet Connection Devices
AP5214 - Non-Monetary Donations of Fixed Assets
AP5216 - Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment
AP5218 - WCB for Contractors and Volunteers
AP5220 - Online Order System Contracts
AP5222 - Public Sector Purchasing Code of Ethics
AP5223 - School Budget Responsibilities
AP5224 - Purchases: Small Purchases and Pcards
AP5225 - Purchases Exceeding $5000
AP5305 - Non-Standard Items in RVS Facilities
AP5306 - Urgent Facility Concerns
AP5308 - Waste Management & Recycling
AP5313 - Construction of Playgrounds
AP5316 - Facility Keys and Security
AP5317 - Theft or Damage in Schools
AP5319 - Education Centre After Hours Use
AP5321 - Dual Reporting of Head Building Operators
AP5323 - School Sponsored Extracurricular Personal Use of Facilities
AP5401 - Facilities Planning
AP5402 - Naming of Facilities
AP5403 - Sustainable Building
AP5405 - Alterations to School Buildings, School Grounds or Other Division Facilities
AP5407 - Private Public, Partnership (P3) School Requirements