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AP315 - Illness/Injury at School
AP316 - Administering Medication or Medical Treatment to Students
AP320 - Student Records
AP322 - Legal Custody of Children
AP325 - Child Abuse and Neglect
AP330 - Student Attendance
AP340 - Specialized Services for Students and Children
AP350 - Student Code of Conduct
AP352 - Investigations and Searches
AP355 - Student Suspension and Recommendation for Expulsion
AP357 - Vandalism
AP360 - Assessment and Communication of Student Learning
AP365 - Course Challenge
AP370 - Student Award and Scholarships
AP375 - Student Exchanges & Visiting Students
AP401 - Staff Conflict of Interest
AP402 - Personnel Files
AP403 - Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection)
AP404 - Employee Code of Conduct
AP405 - Working Alone
AP406 - Certificate of Good Health
AP407 - Leave of Absence
AP408 - Staff Participation in Political Activities
AP409 - Mandatory Record Checks - Staff
AP410 - Employee Progressive Discipline
AP411 - Occupational Health and Safety
AP412 - Harassment Reporting and Investigation
AP415 - Recognition of Service and Employment
AP419 - Employee Resignations
AP420 - Role of the Teacher