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    400 - Personnel and Employee Relations

     Title   Type 
    AP400 - Staff Employment File
    AP401 - Staff Conflict of Interest File
    AP402 - Personnel Files File
    AP403 - Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) File
    AP404 - Employee Code of Conduct File
    AP405 - Working Alone File
    AP406 - Certificate of Good Health File
    AP407 - Leave of Absence File
    AP408 - Staff Participation in Political Activities File
    AP409 - Mandatory Record Checks - Staff File
    AP410 - Employee Progressive Discipline File
    AP411 - Occupational Health and Safety File
    AP412 - Harassment Reporting and Investigation File
    AP415 - Recognition of Service and Employment File
    AP419 - Employee Resignations File
    AP420 - Role of the Teacher File
    AP421 - Certificated Staffing Guidelines File
    AP422 - Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation File
    AP423 - Evaluation Guidelines - Teachers File
    AP424 - Professional Learning File
    AP426 - Teacher Reduction File
    AP427 - Transfer of Certificated Staff File
    AP428 - Teaching Assignment Appeal File
    AP429 - School Staff Meetings File
    AP430 - Role of the Principal File
    AP431 - Assistant Principal Hiring and Transfer Process File
    AP432 - School Based Administrator Evaluation File
    AP433 - School Based Administrator Growth File
    AP434 - Transition Plans for Administrators File
    AP435 - Principal Appointment - New School File
    AP440 - Support Staff Selection and Placement File
    AP441 - New Support Staff Positions File
    AP442 - Performance Appraisal of Support Staff File
    AP450 - Organizational Structure File
    AP460 - Substitute Teachers File
    AP470 - Job Descriptions File
    AP480 - Worker Contract Status Determination File
    AP490 - Volunteers, Visitors and Presenters Mandatory Record Checks File
    AP491 - Volunteer Coaches and Supervisors File
    AF442-B Caretaker Performance Appraisal File
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