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Human Resources

 Title   Type 
AF160-A First Aid Record - Site Specific File
AF400-A HR Posting Competitions (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF400-D Staffing Request Form (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF400-E Request For Confirmation Of Previous Teaching Experience File
AF403-A Public Interest Disclosure Declaration File
AF404-A Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Undertaking-Employees (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF404-B Declaration-Criminal Record Check-Employees (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF404-C Confidentiality Agreement-Practicum/Internship/Job Shadow File
AF405-A Working Alone Communication Plan File
AF405-B Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Isolation File
AF405-C Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Handling Cash File
AF405-D Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Away From Office File
AF405-E Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Hazardous Work File
AF405-F Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Travelling Alone File
AF406-A Employee Fitness to Work File
AF407-A Return From Leave of Absence Preference Request (only available in Atrieve) Link
AF407-B Deferred Salary Leave Plan Enrolment Form (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF411-A Ergonomic Office Workstation Checlist File
AF411-B Site Safety Requirements Checklist File
AF411-C Employee Site Health & Safety Orientation Checklist File
AF411-D Certificate of Illness File
AF411-E Return to Work Certificate File
AF411-F Employee Request for Medical Accommodation File
AF411-G Health & Safety Site Inspection - Alternative Settings File
AF411-H Department Based (EC) Safety Requirement Checklist File
AF411-I Pre-Project/Tailgate Safety Meeting File
AF411-J Voluntary Consent For Request - Release Of Information File
AF421-A Human Resources Contingency Fund Application File
AF423-A Evaluation of Teacher Professional Practice - Interim Certificate File
AF423-B Evaluation of Teacher Professional Practice - Permanent Certificate File
AF424-H Annual Professional Learning Plan - Support Staff File
AF427-A Teacher Request for Placement/Surplus Preference (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF432-A Administrators Quality Practice Standard - Reflective Tool File
AF432-B Assistant Principal Evaluation File
AF432-C Principal Evaluation File
AF433-A School-Based Administrator Growth Summary File
AF442-A Performance Remediation Plan - SupportStaff File
AF442-B Performance Appraisal - End of Probation - Caretaker File
AF442-C Performance Appraisal - End Of School Year - Caretaker File
AF490-A Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check Application- Volunteers File
AF490-B Declaration-Criminal Record Check - Volunteer File
AF491-A Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Undertaking - Volunteers File
Online Accident/Incident Report Link
Report a Near Miss/Hazard/Safety Concern Link
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