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 Title   Type 
AF7-A Campaign Contributions and Expenses Disclosure File
AF7-B Trustee Timesheet File
AF22-A Community Use of Schools - Application for Use File
AF22-B Application for Status as a Registered Community Group File
AF111-A Exemplary Practice - Board of Trustees File
AF111-B Student Showcase - Board of Trustees File
AF111-C Board Recognition for Outstanding Achievement on Diploma Exam File
AF121-A Request to Initiate Administrative Procedure Process File
AF140-A Responsible Use of Technology Agreement - Student File
AF140-B Responsible Use of Technology Agreement - Employee File
AF140-C Responsible Use of Technology Agreement - Guest Account/Student Teachers File
AF140-D PowerSchool Access Request File
AF140-H Mobile Technology Device Loan and Use Agreement File
AF144-A Consent for Public Use of Student Images/Work File
AF144-E_Consent Third Party Promotional Events File
AF147-A Staff Computer Use Agreement File
AF147-B Devices for Staff Use - New/Transfer/Resign File
AF147-C Hardware Incident Report Form File
AF150-A Request to Present to the Board of Trustees Application File
AF156-A Visitor Sign-In/Sign-Out Form for Schools File
AF160-A First Aid Record - Site Specific File
AF180-A FOIP Request For Access To Information File
AF180-B Independent Student Consent Release of Information to Parent/Guardian File
AF180-D Consent for Use of Non-Supported RVS Technologies File
AF185-A Request for Destruction of Records File
AF185-B Records Transmittal To Inactive File
AF216-A Off-Campus Agreement File
AF216-B Off-Campus Education - Travel Approval File
AF216-C Off-Campus Education - Approval of Work Sites File
AF216-D Off-Campus Education - Accident Report File
AF216-E Off-Campus Education - Job Shadow Approval File
AF216-F Off-Campus Workstation Inspection and Approval Checklist File
AF216-H Off-Campus Education - Student Responsibilities File
AF216-I Off-Campus Education - Individual Traning Plan File
AF216-J Off-Campus Education - Responsibilities of Workplace Supervisor File
AF216-K Off-Campus Education - Worksite Orientation File
AF216-L Off-Campus Education - Safety Orientation Checklist File
AF216-M Off-Campus Education - Emergency Incident Package File
AF216-N Off-Campus Education - Faculty Recommendation File
AF216-O_Off-Campus Injury Protocol Form File
AF216-X Take Our Kids to Work - Permission Form File
AF221-A Statement of Work Application File
AF221-B Project Charter Application File
AF225-A_RVSAL Learner Information Form File
AF226_RVSAL Volunteer Tutor Application Form File
AF260-A Annual Field Trip Authorization File
AF260-B_Annual Field Trip Authorization/Medical/Behaviour File
AF260-C All Field Trips - Consent File
AF260-D Day Field Trip Approval File
AF260-E Overnight Field Trip Approval File
AF260-F Field Trip Risk Assessment File
AF260-G Parent Acknowledgement of Risk - Out of Province Field Trip File
AF260-H Alignment with Program of Studies File
AF260-I Intended Learner Outcomes File
AF260-J Volunteer Driver Application File
AF260-L Travel Insurance Program Form File
AF261-A RVSA Code Of Conduct - Players File
AF261-B RVSA Code of Conduct - Parents File
AF261-C RVSA Code Of Conduct - Coaches File
AF261-D Athletic Trips File
AF261-E Golf Registration File
AF261-F High School Soccer Score Sheet File
AF261-G Middle School Host Reimbursement File
AF261-H Badminton Registration File
AF261-I Football Score Sheet File
AF261-J Football Game Evaluation Sheet File
AF280-A Software Materials Evaluation File
AF290-A Engage in Research/Evaluation Application File
AF301-A Student Registration 2018/19 (PDF) File
AF301-A Student Registration 2018/19 (Word) File
AF301-B International Student Registration File
AF303_Independent Student Information Sharing Request File
AF305-A Out of Attendance Area Application File
AF311-A Application For Parent Operated Lunch Program File
AF315-A Accident Report (Students, Visitors) File
AF320-A Student Records Transfer Request - Schools in Alberta File
AF320-B - Student Records Transfer Request - Schools in Canada File
AF355-A_SuspensionMonthlyReport File
AF400-A HR Posting Competitions (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF400-D Staffing Request Form (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF400-E Request For Confirmation Of Previous Teaching Experience File
AF400-F Benefit Enrolment - Teachers File
AF400-G Request for Optional Early Retirement Benefit Coverage (up to age 65) File
AF400-H Retiree Benefits Change of Information File
AF400-I Voluntary ADD Enrolment Card - Teachers File
AF400-J Employee Registration Form (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF400-K Time Sheet For Temporary Hourly Staff File
AF400-L Time Sheet for Caretakers File
AF400-M Time Sheet For Building Operators File
AF400-N Time Sheet for Community Use Security Supervisor File
AF400-O Time Sheet for Sports Supervisor File
AF400-P Time Sheet for Sports Official File
AF400-Q Learning Commons PL Fund - Payroll Deduction Authorization File
AF400-R Employee Change Form (available in Atrieve) File
AF400-R_TeacherChangeForm File
AF400-S Direct Deposit Information and Application (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF403-A Public Interest Disclosure Declaration File
AF404-A Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Undertaking-Employees (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF404-B Declaration-Criminal Record Check-Employees (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF404-C Confidentiality Agreement-Practicum/Internship/Job Shadow File
AF405-A Working Alone Communication Plan File
AF405-B Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Isolation File
AF405-C Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Handling Cash File
AF405-D Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Away From Office File
AF405-E Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Hazardous Work File
AF405-F Working Alone Checklist - At Risk due to Travelling Alone File
AF406-A Employee Fitness to Work File
AF407-A Return From Leave of Absence Preference Request (only available in Atrieve) Link
AF407-B Deferred Salary Leave Plan Enrolment Form (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF411-A Ergonomic Office Workstation Checlist File
AF411-B Site Safety Requirements Checklist File
AF411-C Employee Site Health & Safety Orientation Checklist File
AF411-D Certificate of Illness File
AF411-E Return to Work Certificate File
AF411-F Employee Request for Medical Accommodation File
AF411-H Department Based (EC) Safety Requirement Checklist File
AF411-I Pre-Project/Tailgate Safety Meeting File
AF411-J Voluntary Consent For Request - Release Of Information File
AF421-A Human Resources Contingency Fund Application File
AF423-A Evaluation of Teacher Professional Practice - Interim Certificate File
AF423-B Evaluation of Teacher Professional Practice - Permanent Certificate File
AF424-A PDLC Annual Conference and/or PL Activity File
AF424-B Minimum Support Sabbatical Leave Application File
AF424-C Full Support Sabbatical Leave Application File
AF424-D Professional Learning Activity - Out of Jurisdiction for Principals File
AF424-E PL Activity - Out of Province (Assoc. Supt, Directors, Supervisors) File
AF424-F School-Based Professional Learning File
AF424-G Learning Commons Staff PL Funding File
AF424-H Annual Professional Learning Plan - Support Staff File
AF427-A Teacher Request for Placement/Surplus Preference (only available through Atrieve) Link
AF432-A Administrators Quality Practice Standard - Reflective Tool File
AF432-B Assistant Principal Evaluation File
AF432-C Principal Evaluation File
AF433-A School-Based Administrator Growth Summary File
AF442-A Performance Remediation Plan - SupportStaff File
AF442-B Performance Appraisal - End of Probation - Caretaker File
AF442-C Performance Appraisal - End Of School Year - Caretaker File
AF490-A Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check Application- Volunteers File
AF490-B Declaration-Criminal Record Check - Volunteer File
AF491-A Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Undertaking - Volunteers File
AF700-B Club 41 Payroll Deduction File
AF709-B_EducationCentreSignInSignOut File
AF710-A Education Centre Meeting Room Setup File
AF5001-A School Support Declaration File
AF5013-A Pre-authorized Debits File
AF5015-A Student Climbing Wall Waiver and Release File
AF5015-B Adult Climbing Wall Waiver and Release File
AF5015-C Use Of Weight Room Waiver (Employee or Spouse) File
AF5015-D School Agreement Schedule A File
AF5015-E Student Extra-Curricular Sports Activity Release and Waiver File
AF5015-F Student Automotive Work Order and Waiver File
AF5020-B Motor Vehicle Collision Accident Report File
AF5020-C Trailer Safety & Maintenance Checklist File
AF5020-D Fleet Disposal Checklist File
AF5020-E Forklift Daily Pre-Use Checklist File
AF5100-A Invoice Input Data Control Sheet (EC) File
AF5100-B School Supply Tax Credit Form (Teachers & Early Childhood Educators) File
AF5101-A Journal Entry (EC) File
AF5101-B Year to Date - Account Change File
AF5105-A Student Optional Course Fee Waiver Application File
AF5105-B Student Optional Fees Submission - School Use File
AF5105-C_Template for School Events or Activity Fees File
AF5106-A Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) Rule HI Payroll File
AF5106-B Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) Rule HI Customers File
AF5106-C Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form File
AF5107 Transportation Fee Waiver Application File
AF5107-A_Transportation Fees File
AF5110-A Extra Curricular Out-Of-Pocket Expense Claim Form File
AF5110-B Expense Account File
AF5110-BT Trustee Expense Account File
AF5110-C Request For Cheque File
AF5110-D Field Trip Expense Claims File
AF5110-E Gift Card Declaration File
AF5114-A Non-Monetary Donation File
AF5119-A School Generated Funds Submission File
AF5119-B Deposit Record - Envelope 9.5 x 4.13 File
AF5119-C Deposit Record - Envelope 10.5 x 7.5 File
AF5119-D Principal Financial Checklist File
AF5119-E Receipt Log for Payments Received at Schools File
AF5120 Ad Order Form - Chestermere Anchor File
AF5120 AE Ad Order Form - Airdrie Echo File
AF5120 CE Ad Order Form - Cochrane Eagle File
AF5120 RVW Ad Order Form - Airdrie City View and/or Rocky View Weekly File
AF5201-A Purchasing Authority at Schools File
AF5203 Cellular Devices File
AF5210 CT Ad Order Form - Cochrane Times File
AF5212-A Furnishing Equipment Disposition File
AF5212-B Moving/Transfer Request for Furniture or Equipment File
AF5212-C RVS BBQ Rental Information and Checklist File
AF5212-D Instrument Rental Agreement File
AF5212-E Warehouse Inventory Requisition File
AF5212-F Business Card Order File
AF5212-G Name Tag Order File
AF5212-H Binding Checklist File
AF5212-I Combination Lock Order Form - Student Lockers File
AF5212-J_Recommended_Instruments_for_Band_Programs File
AF5224-A Purchasing Card Individual Cardholder Application Form File
AF5224-B Purchasing Card Change Form File
AF5224-C Missing Purchasing Card Receipt File
AF5224-D Purchasing Card Transaction Log File
AF5305 Request to Place Non-Standard Items in Schools File
AF5308 Hazardous Material for Disposal File
AF5317-A Report Of Theft Or Vandalism/Damage File
AF5319-A Education Centre After Hours Use Application File
AF5500-A Application for School Bus Service 2017/18 File
AF5500-B Special Transportation Review File
AF5500-C Transportation Parent Concern File
AF5500-E - Student Conveyance Authorization File
AF5503_Shuttle Bus Service Request File
PR015 Time Sheet For Support Staff File
PR017 Time Sheet for Maintenance Staff File
PR019- Acting Assistant Principal (only available through Atrieve) Link
TD1-Federal Tax Form 2017 (only available through Atrieve) Link
TD1-Provincial Tax Form 2017 (only available through Atrieve) Link
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