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    AHS Launches Text-Based Program to Give Albertans Hope

    During this very challenging time in our province (and the world), everyone could use some kind words and a little extra hope.

    Text4Hope Aims to Encourage Albertans During COVID-19 Crisis

    Alberta Health Services (AHS) has launched its Text4Hope initiative, which aims to provide encouragement and hope to Albertans during this stressful time.

    By texting "COVID19Hope" to 393939, subscribers will receive daily text messages of support to help ease any stress or anxiety they might be feeling. Text messages will focus on healthy thinking or suggested actions to help manage mood.

    The program was developed by AHS and made possible through the generous support of the Mental Health Foundation, the University Hospital Foundation, the Calgary Health Trust, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

    Subscribe today by sending a text to 393939. There is hope!


    AHS Launches Text-Based Program to Give Albertans Hope

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