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Connecting Airdrie’s Local Government and Grade 6 Students

Airdrie Schools: Tour a Polling Station (book by Oct. 11), Visit City Hall Council Chambers, Bring the Mayor to your Classroom

As the school year is under way, the City of Airdrie would like to let you know the different options available for connecting Airdrie’s local government and your students.

October 16 Election Day – Polling Station Visit (10 - 15 minutes)

Call or email by October 11 to book your class for a tour of a voting station (see map) between the hours of 9 – 11 am to see democracy in action during our local election.

Learning Session in Council Chambers at City Hall (1 ½ -  2 hours) (Post-Election)

This option sees the students visiting City Hall.  An introductory piece is done on local government and includes what it is, how it works, a bit on elections, a mock public hearing that involves all the students who wish to be involved, and an opportunity to meet with the Mayor.  We have classroom pre-work to prepare your students for this session.  We have received positive feedback on this format and can connect you with other teachers who have participated in the program to share their perspective. See contact information below to book.

Mayor/Councillor Visit Your Classroom

The Mayor and/or Councillor can visit your school to meet with students to address a requested topic or answer questions. Depending on the subject, staff may attend to assist with the information being requested. There is also the option of having the Mayor come into your classroom to discuss what it is like being a Mayor.  Should you wish to have the Mayor and/or Councillor attend your classroom, you can make your request by going to Airdrie’s website at www.airdrie.ca.  You can access the request form by clicking on City Council, then “Invite the Mayor to an Event” on the left-hand side of the page.


Doreen Rabel at 403-948-8800 ext. 8443 or by email at doreen.rabel@airdrie.ca to book an Election tour or Learning Session.

City staff would be more than happy to work with you to achieve your goals and introduce your students to their local government and City Hall should you wish to participate in a different variation of the above programs or one of your own.

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