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Online Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Inclusive Education Focus

Université de Saint-Boniface offering a postgraduate Diploma in Education with Inclusive Education specialization (via the internet). Application deadlines: Fall session - August 1st; Spring session - April 1.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Specialization in Inclusive Education

(via the Internet)

French Version: http://ustboniface.ca/postbac-edinc-internet

The school clientele has changed over the years; Increasingly, students have special needs that require more specific, more precise interventions. However, there is a significant shortage of qualified professionals in the field of orthopedagogy in Francophone communities in Canada.

Always more popular internationally, inclusive education allows as many students as possible to succeed and develop their full potential. This approach, which takes into account the specific needs of each, reduces school dropout and feeds feelings of acceptance, appreciation and security in the individual. When the specific needs of young people are met early, they later become independent, confident, productive and healthy citizens.

The idea of inclusion encompasses not only students with special needs, but all those at risk of marginalization and exclusion.

The first reason to enroll in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (DPBE) with specialization in inclusive education is the deep desire to help young people. Holders of a DPBE with a specialization in inclusive education promote the inclusion in the school and community of students experiencing, for example, learning, behavioral or integration difficulties. Not only will you provide support to meet the diverse needs of all students, but you will give them the desire to continue and succeed in their learning. At the same time, getting a DPBE with a specialization in inclusive education is a great way to know what's new in pedagogy, to advance your career and possibly to reach a higher salary level.

Our DPBE with specialization in inclusive education is open to resource teachers who wish to upgrade and to regular teachers - whether from Western Canada or another part of the country - who wish to upgrade their knowledge or acquire the necessary training to occupy an orthopedagogue position, a special education counselor, or a coordinator or coordinator of specialized services.

This program is offered by the University of St. Boniface, affiliated with the University of Manitoba.

NB: The post-graduate diploma in education is a part-time study program.


Apply for admission to DPBE - Inclusive Education (via the Internet)! To apply for admission, visit  ustboniface.ca/admission .

For information on tuition fees, visit ustboniface.ca/fees .

Admission requirements

  • Hold a valid teaching certificate
  • Hold a Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent
  • Have a minimum cumulative average of 2.0
  • Have two years of teaching experience.

Path to follow

  • Completing an Application Form and Paying Admission Fees (Applicants who do not hold a Manitoba Teaching Certificate or who are not Teachers or Teachers must complete the Supplementary Application Form ).
  • Request transcripts from all attended postsecondary institutions, specifying to send them directly to the USB in a sealed envelope bearing the name and seal of the university.
  • Provide a curriculum vitae in French that demonstrates two years of teaching experience.

Note that anyone newly admitted to the DPBE must register for a course at the session at which they were admitted to activate their file. Otherwise, admission to the program will be canceled and a new application for admission must be submitted.

Application deadlines

Fall session: August 1st

Spring session: April 1


Registration is done annually after admission to the program. Consult  the schedule of the Faculty of Education's Graduate Courses to find out which course is offered on the Internet during the chosen session. Then send an e-mail to the Registrar's Office with your choice of course. Make sure to include the following information in your message:

  • rating / section and course title;
  • student numbers (USB number and UM number);
  • session.

If you later want to make a change to your registration (add or remove a course), follow the same process.

It should be noted that the IT Department will create an IT account following your first registration, the username and password will be provided to you in the Monusb student portal. At the beginning of each session, the Distance Learning Technologies Department will email you a welcome letter and instructions for accessing your course.

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