Cisco filtering Module

Content filter that monitors the flow of RVS Internet traffic and filters content

RVS Cisco Content Filter

The Cisco content filter monitors the flow of Internet traffic passing through RVS' network. School principals determine the levels of content filtering. This system helps to provide appropriate educational learning content for both students and staff. It not only filters out inappropriate content, but also data that can harm the network. This system is a vital technology, which protects both RVS students and staff and RVS' equipment.

Technical Requirements

For content filtering to occur devices must be using the RVS network to obtain Internet content. If other internet providers are being used such as a personal hot spot on a cell phone content will not be filtered.

Accounts & Passwords

Staff can not log into this system at this time.

Security & Privacy Information

All traffic passing through the Cisco filter is logged, allowing IT specialists to view where traffic is going and coming from on the Internet. When a user logs into the filter the unblocked content is logged in relation to the user. If a student or staff member would like content permanently unblocked they should ask their principal to send an email to the contact person below.


IT Service Desk (403)-945-4145

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