When a school is looking at a "new technology" or wanting to purchase more "technology" to enhance the learning environment, a process must be followed:

The Learning and Technology Policy Framework is an invaluable tool for helping educational leaders prepare for and maximize technology rollouts.  It is used by a school or department to identify critical pillars for successful technology implementation.

Before ordering equipment or software each school and department is required to describe what is required in detail.  Each pillar of the LTPF needs to be addressed in writing and submitted to the Associate Superintendent of Learning and the Director of Technology for Learning.

Use AF221-A Statement of Work (SOW) for technology purchases, school department software, hardware upgrades as step one.

Once the SOW is signed off by RVS Executive, a project lead must complete AF221-B Project Charter (if required)and obtain sign-off.

Schools are required to have an efficient system to manage iOS apps.  The LTPF app management process template may help.

Another resource that might help is our Tools4Learning website.  This site provides links to tutorials, forms and procedures and a collection of tools that have be reviewed for privacy concerns.



Quick Guide - download

Complete policy framework - download

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