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RVS high-speed network

RVS School Network

A high speed network is provided to all schools in the jurisdiction. This network consists of both hardware and software that permits network traffic to travel within a site, between sites, and out to the Internet. Students, staff and guests are required to complete and sign Rocky View Acceptable Use Agreement (RUA) before accessing the RVS Network. Students and their parents are required to agree to the terms of use before using RVS technologies. All Internet traffic passes through RVS' Lightspeed content filter.

Technical Requirements

Computing devices including laptops tablets and cell phones should be able to connect to a 802.11n network.

Accounts & Passwords

Staff and Students are required to use their network login username and password to join the RVS network. Guest access is a limited network and is not as fast.  It should only be used for temporary access.

Security & Privacy Information

All devices that access the RVS Network are required to have appropriate security patches and software protection.  Virus, Malware, Spyware and other security features must be used.

Contact Person

Robert Koskey Systems and Network Manager

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