Read&Write for Google

Read&Write for Google

Rocky View Schools has purchased site licensing for Read&Write for Google. All students and teachers in the district will have full access this year (2015/2016) to all the features available when they are logged into their Google account using the Chrome browser on any device.

Read&Write for Google offers powerful tools to support reading and writing including:

  • Text to speech (with highlighting)
  • see the meaning of words with text and/or picture dictionaries
  • language translation
  • word prediction
  • Speech to text
  • Highlight text in documents or the web and collect for use in other documents
  • Simplifies and summarizes text on web pages

Boosts reading and writing confidence. Offers support for Google Docs/web to students with learning difficulties, dyslexia or ELL/ESL. Is also available in French.


Technical Requirements

Google Chrome with the Read&Write extension.

Accounts & Passwords

Students and teachers gain access to Read&Write for Google when logged into their RVSchools account.

Security & Privacy Information

Dependent on device or software

Contact Person

Joan Kollewyn, Learning Specialist

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