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Social Media in RVS

Social media includes many online technology tools that are used to communicate, collaborate and share information. Social media can include text, audio, video, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communications and are mostly user driven. Social networks (Facebook), bookmarking sites (Delicious), news sites such (Digg), media sharing (YouTube), microblogging (Twitter) and blogs (Wordpress) are examples of some of the different types of social media.

In an educational setting, social media tools can allow students and teachers to create, comment, curate and participate in various ways. Social media creates a shift in how information is gathered and gives us access to others we would not have come into contact with in the past.

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements for social media are dependent on the chosen tool. Most will work on any platform or device although it may be necessary to utilize an app on mobile devices.

Accounts & Passwords

This is also dependent on the chosen tool. Many social media tools require a person to sign up with an email address and create a password.

Security & Privacy Information

Students and teachers should be aware of online safety and Digital Citizenship when utilizing social media.

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

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