Android Devices

Most Android tablets can be used in Rocky View Schools.  Schools that choose to purchase them should first talk to the Director of Technology. Various manufactures sell tablets with an Android operating system and thousands of apps are available at The Play Store for download.  Many apps are similar to ones found for competing tablet devices.

Technical Requirements

The Android Operating system runs apps from the Play Store and will not play apps from other app stores. Further, app developers may develop their apps slightly differently for each operating system.  As a result teachers who ask students to use a specific app may need check to see if the Android app is consistent with the one they require.

Accounts & Passwords

It is recommended that all devices owned by students have a password that protects the devices security. Teachers who use an Android device for school work should also lock the device with a password.

Security & Privacy Information

See Documentation for information on privacy and protection.

Contact Person

Scott Mahan - Director of Technology for Learning, 403.945.4024

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