Apple Mobile Technologies

Apple Mobile Technologies

Today we live in an environment where mobile technologies are everywhere. Apple produces a wide range of devices that are user-friendly and within an educational environment, provide students and teachers with access to information, the ability to collaborate and connect with each other and create. iPads, iPods and iPhones are found in all RVS schools.

Technical Requirements

iPods/iPads/iPad mini: Many RVS schools have iPods and iPads in the classroom for student and teacher use. While iPads can have 3G capabilities, most schools purchase devices for use only with wireless networks. In many cases the devices are stored in a cart and are configured with specific apps for use in the classroom.

iPhones: iPhones are not supplied for students or teachers in schools but as PODs are very common and require a plan through a service provider that may or may not include data usage. iPhones can be connected to a wireless environment for email and other data such as google drive. As these are personally owned devices, owners are responsible for maintaining and updating devices as well as any charges that may occur.

Accounts & Passwords

Apps purchased for school owned devices should be purchased though the Volume Purchasing Program that enables schools to buy apps at a discounted rate. If a school has 30 iPads, there must be 30 licensed copies of an app if it is to be installed on all devices. For information on volume purchasing for apps in schools contact your school tech.

Passwords can be set up on devices to protect information and to restrict or allow access to apps or settings.

Security & Privacy Information

Students and teachers should be aware that in some circumstances their privacy and security can be compromised if care is not taken. When devices are shared among students access to photos and documents on the devices is also shared unless students transfer these to apps such as Google Drive and are careful to log out after using the app. Photos and documents should be deleted from the device after transfer. Personal email should not be set up on a shared device.

Contact Person

Joan Kollewyn, Learning Specialist-Technology

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