Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Alberta Education defines Assistive Technology for Learning (ATL) as "the devices, media and services used in learning environments to overcome barriers for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, speech, learning or behavioural special needs to actively engage in learning and to achieve their individual learning goals.

The primary goal of the ATL initiative is to support all students, including those with special needs, in achieving the learning outcomes of the Alberta curriculum or their individual learning goals."

Some of the technologies students have access to in Rocky View that support learning needs can be as simple as a pencil grip or more complex as a computer or mobile device with specific software.

RVS has a continuum of supports that starts with Learning Supports. This branch of the Learning department's focus is on "improving learning for each learner" through assessment and programming for the diverse student population.

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements depend on the device selected.

Accounts & Passwords

Some tools, such as access to a specific software, may require an account or password to be created.

Security & Privacy Information

Dependent on device or software

Contact Person

Joan Kollewyn, Learning Specialist

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