Mac Laptops

Mac Laptops

High speed internet is designed to allow students, guests and staff to use a variety of devices on the network infrastructure. Rocky View students are being encouraged to bring POD's but also have access to carts of iPads, iPods, and MacBooks. All teachers are issued a Macbook for instructional use in the classroom.  These MacBooks are configured with educational software purchased by the district. Other software selected by the school can be added.

Technical Requirements

Preferred browsers, hardware limitations, etc.

Accounts & Passwords

Teacher MacBooks and cart machines are set up to log onto wireless and join the RVS network. Usernames and passwords are set up for students and staff to enable them to access various applications available on the RVS network.

Security & Privacy Information

RVS owned student MacBooks, i.e.those on carts, are set up with Deepfreeze so machines are kept clean of downloads and files making it smoother for all students to use the machines without problems.  Teacher MacBooks are set up with individual accounts which are password protected and encrypted.

Contact Person

Scott Mahan - Director of Technology for Learning, 403.945.4024

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