Mahara is a fully featured web application to build an electronic portfolio. Students can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups.

Mahara content management system provides users with blogs, a resume builder, a file manager and a view creator - a tool to help users create arrangements of their content in a particular way for others to see.

Technical Requirements

Firefox is the preferred browser, especially for editing, but Safari, Internet Explorer or Chrome can be used for viewing the electronic portfolio in Mahara.

Accounts & Passwords

Students and teachers access Moodle through RVS' LDAP system, which provides a seamless login interface among RVS technologies. With LDAP, students log in using the same username and password they have for their rvschools email. Teachers use their LDAP username and password. Problems with log in should be directed to school technologists.

Security & Privacy Information

Students have the ability to share their portfolio, or part of it, with anyone in Rocky View Schools. Students should be reminded of what is appropriate to share and with whom.

Contact Person

Dirk Meyer, Learning Specialist - Technology, 403-945-4119

Links & Resources

Mahara login page:

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