Personally Owned Devices (PODs)

Personal Owned Devices (PODs)

Learning Environments in RVS are designed to allow students and guests to use personally owned devices on the wireless network. The Rocky View Schools learning community recognizes that our students benefit from having computing access both at school and at home. Research into the use of student computing devices has shown that 20 per cent of the time is spent on school work and 80 per cent of the time on personal activities such as communicating with family and friends, reading ebooks, watching/sharing and creating video and photos, as well as gaming.  Further, learning resources that are current and interactive are available via the Internet and from online learning environments created by our teachers. In an effort to address student learning needs, Rocky View has developed network infrastructure so that our students can bring their own computing devices.

Student Owned Computer Standards

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a laptop is a factor for many families, setting realistic standards is a must.

Technical Requirements

High School Students need laptops for online testing through Quest A+. This is a lock down browser that schools use for diploma and provincial tests on student owned laptops.

Laptops do not have to be expensive to be appropriate for school work. A new low-end Windows or Mac Laptop is fine. More powerful machines may be required by students wanting to use the laptop for personal use such as gaming.

Middle or Elementary school students may be able to use a tablet computer rather than a laptop.Talk to your school for specific needs.

Limiting Screen Time

Remaining physically active is vital for health and wellness.  When people have 24/7 device access it is tempting to always be using their personal device(s).  Parents and teachers need to help children learn healthy habits by balancing screen time along with enjoyment of the physical world.

Being a responsible net citizen

With the freedom to access internet information and communication tools, students need to make wise choices.  Being a good net citizen means being responsible when using computing devices.  Learning to make good choices about what information they share is vital to being a responsible net citizen.

Accounts & Passwords

To gain network access, speak to a classroom teacher or the school technologist. A unique username and password is required for wireless network access.

Security & Privacy Information

Students and their parents must agree to, and follow, the RVS Responsible Use Agreement. Please find the agreement in the How To link above.

Contact Person

Scott Mahan - Director of Technology for Learning, 403.945.4024

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