PowerSchool (PS)

2015 - 2016 Finalizing the components of the Student Information System (PowerSchool)

4YP Goal 2 Outcome 2 Strategy - Improve use and application of data to inform learning and system improvement. (Action Plan)

Information sources are being consolidated into a user dashboard that will assist teachers to better support their learners.

  • Learning Plan (formerly IPPS) Project Page information
  • Student Orientation to School Questionnaire (SOSQ) - Used to identify students' degree of connectivity to schools in multiple dimensions, and to assist with initiating strategies to reconnect students who may be disengaging from school. SOSQ Page
  • Alberta Education Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) - are beginning of the year 'check in' provincial assessment tools that are being developed to enable teachers and parents to identify student strengths and areas of growth at the start of the school year. To learn more about SLAs, Diploma exams and Provincial Achievement tests, please click on the following links: Reporting Tools and Role of Provincial Testing
  • For additional information about RVS assessments (principles, purposes, methods, policies and procedures) please click on Assessing.
  • Communication of Student Learning (COSL) Report cards


PowerSchool in RVS

PowerSchool is an internet-based Student Information System (SIS) that allows administrators, teachers, parents and students seamless access to past and present grades and assignments, attendance, teacher comments, student schedules, and a variety of other information "anytime, any place and from any device." Parents and students use PowerSchool's public portal to monitor progress. Teachers use the PowerTeacher portal and Gradebook to take attendance and to record marks, assignments and comments. School administrators use PowerSchool's administrative portal to store important student data and to upload information through PASI (Provincial Approach to Student Information) to Alberta Education.

Technical Requirements

The recommended browser for PowerSchool is Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded free from the internet. However, PS will also work with Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome. PC's should be using an operating system of Windows XP or greater. Mac users should have an operating system of Leopard or greater. Computers must have access to an internet service provider and users must have some form of e-mail. An App is available for Apple IPads and IPhones and for Android tablets and smartphones.

Accounts & Passwords

Parents and students are provided information for creating accounts by their schools at the beginning of the school year. PowerSchool allows parents/guardians to link all their children to one account no matter what schools they attend as long as they are part of the Rocky View system. RVS staff is provided accounts by their schools. However, the security level of access to the database for all RVS staff is set at the district level.

Security & Privacy Information

PowerSchool is a secure central database located at the RVS Education Centre. PS is PASI (Provincial Approach to Student Information) compliant, which means it has met the stringent criteria set out by Alberta Education for student security. Access is provided to RVS staff on a "need to know" basis to do their jobs.

Contact Person

PowerSchool Help Line - 403.945.4115

If you are having any issues logging into your Parent Account, please contact your school directly.

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