RVS YouTube Channels

RVS YouTube Channels

Every teacher in Rocky View can create an RVS YouTube Channel through his or her RVS Google Account.  Teachers can curate YouTube videos into playlists, which is an excellent way to organize content for students.  Teachers can also upload content they create themselves for a "flipped classroom". With proper releases, student created videos can also be showcased. YouTube videos will playback on demand on almost any platform or device. YouTube videos are easily embedded into Moodle, Plone, WordPress and other websites.

Schools wanting to use YouTube can request to have a YouTube channel set up for them, with RVS branding, playlists etc, by administration putting a request in to the contact person below.

Technical Requirements

Your RVS YouTube Channel can be accessed through all major browsers and through the YouTube app on your mobile device. Many video creation tools allow direct uploading of videos to your RVS YouTube account.

Accounts & Passwords

Login to your RVSchools Google Account to create your RVS YouTube Channel. Your login is your @rvschools email address and password.

Security & Privacy Information

Please ensure that you have all appropriate rights to video content you upload to YouTube and that video featuring students or their work conforms to the Use of Student Images/Work on the Internet Procedures.

Contact Person

Links & Resources

YouTube Support Page and YouTube Forum

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