Use and care of teacher computer devices

What do teachers need to know about their RVS laptop?

Teacher Computer Devices - Laptops - iPads etc.

All teachers in Rocky View are given a laptop to use while they are employed by RVS to use in their classroom and at home. While these laptops belong to RVS and are signed out to teachers, teachers are encouraged to utilize these laptops frequently to increase their familiarity and confidence with 21st Century skills.

Repair and replacement

All teacher laptops are maintained by the division.  If your laptop is showing its age and requires service, please do the following so it can be fixed up.

1) Back up all the data (libraries, document folders etc).  Use time machine and an external hard drive works best.

2) When your sure you have all your data then turn in the laptop to your school tech for service.  The division will pay for a replacement hard drive, new battery and or other components if required.  It will also update your laptop OS and security patches.  Powercords can also be replaced if need be.

2a) Significant service work may require the laptop to be sent in the the EC.  Please allow time for this.

3) Copy your data back on the laptop.

Laptop serial numbers are associated with the teacher

The laptops are to be included in the inventory of the school where the teacher is a staff member. Teachers take the laptops with them if they transfer schools but laptops must be returned if the teacher leaves the school district. Teachers are responsible for their laptops at school and home and must take reasonable precautions to ensure the laptop remains in good condition and working order.

An Administrator or designate in the schools is responsible for monitoring the condition of the laptops by visually checking them in June and September and when new teachers come to their school or as teachers leave.

User Agreements

The following links are documents used when staff receive a laptop or are moving to or coming into a new school:

(Teachers should sign this form on receipt of their laptop. It is also beneficial to review occasionally.)

(For teachers transferring to another school, retiring or leaving the district and for administrators to request a laptop for staff new to the district).


Use and Care of Teacher Laptops

RVS encourages teachers to use their laptops both professionally and personally. With this use comes responsibility for the laptops and teachers are encouraged to exercise due care with their laptops

Teachers may be responsible for damages that are incurred if due care is not taken. The following are suggestions for consideration:

Theft of the laptops is of concern to all. Teachers should keep their laptop and the information contained in it secure at all times. All laptops must have login and screen saver passwords enabled.  RVS staff members are required to follow password security guidelines.   

Laptops should be stored out of sight in the classroom when the teacher is not present in the room or have it fastened it to a desk or locked in a filing cabinet. Laptops should also be stored out of sight when at home or locked in a vehicle. When traveling with the laptop remember that extreme cold or heat is not good for the LCD screen.

Laptops should be handled carefully making sure they are not dropped or knocked off tables. Pressure on the top of the laptop may damage the screen. Do not pile books or other heavy objects on the laptop or have objects pressing on the screen in a carrying case.

RVS employees are not permitted to lend assigned devices to another person.

While teachers are encouraged to use them for school, professional and personal use, they are not to be used for running external businesses.

Care must be taken to not spill liquids on the keyboard as this can cause irreparable damage that the user may be responsible for.

Q. How much could it cost to repair my laptop?

Depending on the damage prices could range from 100.00 to well over $1000.00

  • Displays:  $425.00 ‑ $450.00  (from 3rd party) plus labor, $850.00 (if purchased from Apple) plus labor
  • Keyboards:  $200.00 (if it shorts out due to undue care - otherwise covered under warranty) plus labor
  • Logic Boards: $1600.00 (if it shorts out due to undue care - otherwise covered under warranty) plus labor
  • Broken Button (battery release):  $275.00  plus labor
  • Lost Power Supplies : $85.00 plus gst

It is relatively easy to determine if liquids are involved in damages to logic boards, keyboards or displays.

Q. What happens if something goes wrong with my laptop?

The laptop will be repaired or replaced for the teacher depending on the problem.  Teachers should inform their principal and school tech in the event this happens. Depending on the problem, the issue may be covered by warranty. If the warranty has expired, again depending on the problem, the teacher may be responsible for replacing/repairing the laptop. In some cases the school may decide to incur the cost of repairs.

Q. My hard drive has "crashed". What do I do about my data? What about my hard drive?

Teachers are responsible for backing up their data on an external source - by backing up to a storage device. We will endeavor to retrieve lost data but this is sometimes very difficult. Computers and all data should be backed up regularly. Hard drives will be replaced at district cost.

Q. My laptop adapter/charger is no longer working.

Contact the Service Desk

Q. Can I download and/or install software on my laptop?

Teachers wanting to add software to their laptop may do so providing software is for teaching purposes and is legal and you have licensing for it.

Q. Should I take out extra personal home/auto insurance on my laptop to cover my laptop when it is off school premises?

The best advice is to contact your insurance provider. Many insurance companies do not require extra coverage.

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